Frequently Asked Questions

About SYMO!
SYMO is available in mobile platforms like iOS & Android. Follow below links to download SYMO in you mobile devices.
What is SYMO. How does it work/Benefits of using SYMO?
SYMO is a one stop shop for all business data within your city. SYMO aims at makingdata available at fingertips of users thereby enabling them to choose right and feasible products/services. SYMO Answers all specific needs that users have. Reliable and exact services for the needs of consumers.Choice of a wide range of businesses and local service providers listed in theapplication.Ability to interact with businesses before utilizing the services.User information is well protected with a strict verification process. Increased exposure for businesses.Facility to be available 24*7 and interact with customers.Reach out to as many potential customers as the business can.Customization of profile- Add unlimited photos, promotional offers and letcustomers get a glimpse of the best of your servicesSend push notifications to customersUpgradation to a premium vendor for extra visibility.
How to download SYMO application?
SYMO is available in mobile platforms like iOS & Android. Follow below links to download SYMO in you mobile devices.
How do I activate my account?
Web: Open webpage or Sign up as a user by providing all necessary information and you are ready to access all information on SYMOApplication: Download SYMO application on your android or iOS device and install it.Once installation is completed, open SYMO and follow steps to sign up as user.
How can I edit information in my account?
Once you are signed into your account in your mobile device, at the top left corner, go to your profile and click edit. Edit all required information and save it?
Can I access SYMO without creating an account?
Yes, Definitely! You can access information on SYMO without creating an account. However, you will not be able to receive notifications or contact businesses from theapplication if you do not sign in.
How can I add a business?
Once vendor profile is created, in the vendor profile there is an option to add any number of businesses that a vendor owns. For each business, add its corresponding details to make the business live on the website & application.
What to do if my account is suspended/blocked?
Please contact SYMO for any account related issues. You can also chat with a SYMO representative through the website.
How do I change my password/What to do if I forgot my password?
Go to SYMO mobile application, and go to user profile, there is an option to change password. Enter your old and new password and then save. If you forget your password, there is an option of forgot password in both webpage & mobile application. Click that and you will receive an email with new password. Login with new password and you can also Go to and login. Click ‘’ Forgot password’’ to receive a link to reset password. In the vendor profile navigate to profile and there is a an option to change password. Enter your old and new password to change it.
Can I rate or review a product or service?
Yes, user can review any business/experience/product or service.Web: Open webpage or Sign in as a user by providing all necessary information. Navigate to the business page and click on review. Application: Open SYMO application on your mobile device. Navigate to the businesspage and click on review.
What to do if a business doesn’t accept SYMO’s offer?
Immediately notify SYMO to take further action.
How can I contact SYMO?
Open webpage or At the bottom right corner, there is a live chat option. Or at the end of page, there is a contact us page.
Can I report if reviews are negative or abusive?
Definitely! You can report if you find the language to be abusive. It is up to admin’s discretion on the further course of action based on governing local laws and societal regulations.
How to suspend my subscription?
Once a premium plan is subscribed to for a particular duration, it is not possible to suspend or revoke the subscription.
What is a premium plan and how to subscribe?
Premium plan is for businesses to subscribe to additional features in SYMO to enhance your profile. Go to vendor profile and navigate to premium plans tab to select what each plan has to offer and to choose the right one for your business.